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Alassio – the charm

Alassio – the charm

First of all I must warn you that I took a ride in an ordinary Wednesday in Alassio, while if you like the movement then it is a must to go there on a Saturday or Sunday.
And do not make that face, because if you prefer the quiet chaos of disorganized people who are stuck in the “gut”, there are all the other days of the week (at least until the end of May), although it is nice to Alassio havoc.
Alassio beach shopping
Alassio shopping ice cream and walls
shopping AlassioThe “gut” is the caruggio that runs through the town parallel to the sea. I am not able to discover the origin of the name (If you have news, let me know). It’ however, became the word that identifies the main street, or the street with all the shops and nightlife, which continues even at night in summer.
shopping Alassio
shopping Alassio
AlassioIn this way you can find a little’ of all, from the super prestigious brands to manufactures of small workshops, not forgetting the bar and large bakeries here, all, indiscriminately, boast of their flagship product: the famous kisses in Alassio (that are equal to those of Diano Marina, but I have not told you anything).
Shopping AlassioWalking in the “gut” it is impossible not to encounter the shoes you ever wanted, jeans that they would be fine and super cool glasses…
But where I would certainly stop to buy (and instead is closed on Wednesdays) is in the ice cream parlor Alberto Marchetti, I met in Turin, I did not know he had a branch in Alassio. I know you like pizza even on ice cream everyone has their own tastes, but I recommend you to taste (then let me know).


ALASSIOBut even if everything seems to be corrupted invented, it is not mandatory to buy in Alassio, because you will find very pleasant art walk aimlessly, letting yourself be mesmerized by views of the sea (the streets perpendicular to the gut emerge directly on the beaches), or the elegant buildings that are mixed here with the old fishermen's houses, in a democratic division of space that, at least in the old town, remained harmonious, the building without being aggressive attack of the seventies.

alassio glimpse of the sea
alassio shopping

shopping Alassio
Alassio I leave the gut, and walked to the station (among other things, come here by train from a neighboring zone is the best solution, especially in summer when it is almost impossible to find a parking), and here's another uniqueness of Alassio: the wall.

Wall of Alassio
Alassio the wall of lovers
Alassio lovers
Alassio wallThe wall was an invention of Mario Berrino, the painter, father of radio host Luisella Berrino. It all started when he thought of beautifying the Martyrs Wall Street with colorful tiles that reported the names of the patrons of his restaurant, il famous Caffe Roma, who ran with his brothers.Alassio wall The first tile was placed on 2 July 1951 and carried the signature of Ernest Hemingway! Well, say that, were not bad tourists who hang out in the fifties the Riviera.
Alassio HemingwayAlassio, as happened in the far west of the coast (a Sanremo e a Bordighera), towards the end of 1800 became a destination for British tourists, for this reason does not resemble either the classic villages of fishermen, nor to the countries born in the economic boom of the fifties sixties.
Alassio Berrino And if you can not deny that the charm of the past is partly decayed, it is true that even today there may happen to see something of the elegance that was, maybe in the decoration of a building half-hidden behind the banner of a gaudy souvenir shop, or in the solemnity of an old creamery.
Why a past class can make all the difference in the present, and not surprisingly Alassio, along the Cinque Terre, remains one of the resorts most famous and beloved of Liguria.

Alassio – the charm
Liguria – Alassio

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