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Deer – before the concert

Deer – before the concert

A person like me, reading the manifesto of the Festival of Chamber music in Cervo, potrebbe scoraggiarsi un po’.
I listen to everything, ma pensare ad un’intera serata con Puccini (Puccini less I want to clarify), mi pareva troppo.
Obviously wrong.
deer Prima di cominciare, va detto che Cervo, per quei tre o quattro che ancora non lo conoscessero, è un paesino ligure, arrampicato su un pezzo di collina a strapiombo sul mare, and has always been the place of the sailors. If the fish Coralli, pesci, o più recentemente sulle navi da crociera, does not matter, what matters is that you know the history of this place, e delle persone che lo abitano, is a story of sacrifice and deprivation.
And you can already understand to look old houses, appiccicate the one alle altre, because even the space, these parts, is a luxury.
la chiesa dei coralliniBut the little piece of the world, where cars do not go and walk up the stairs to touch you anyway, nasconde a tesoro, then that is not hidden, the terrace on which all roads lead: the square of the Corallini, or the natural amphitheater where concerts are held in the Festival.

deerYou will understand immediately that get here, in estate, At seven in the evening, after le coincidenze, le prenotazioni, traps and the scorn (cit.) of the day, nell’ora in cui tutto improvvisamente è pace, alone is worth the price of admission.
vacanzeliguria_cervo_festival_012M'affaccio the square still empty, but full of the things that I expected to meet before a concert, slide along the staircase, manco fossi Wanda Osiris, Rejoicing with the comments of British tourists who sdilinquano in oh what a wonderful place, filling me with pride.
While the colors gradually lose their primary essence, guadagnandone in spirit and freedom.

scale a cervo
cervo la chiesa dei corallini

Cervo la piazzaI eat something sitting on a wall, the mover of Steinway pianos gently accompanies him on stage.
The soprano warbles behind the open window. Near me the violinist, on the phone with his wife, decides that Saturday night will eat the carbonara, a child looks at the sea, His mother looks at him.
Our little secret.
cervo il festival

cervo il festivalThe sunsets, heedless, continue to wane, and I find myself on the stairs of the churchyard, where fans sit, but also those like me.
We observe from the musicians, that, incrociando note, give us unexpected moments of happiness.
I close my eyes and walk away, knowing that it will be impossible to imagine a more beautiful place.

tramonto cervo
i musicistiThe night in August, he always manages to surprise me.
The wait is over, the square is full and concert in a row bow down to their audience, the excited applause breaks the spell, we just have to take note.

tramonto cervoMake eye contact with some who follow the silent melody, the piano enters on the arches, a poignant music, who had never heard, now belongs to me.
The stars are watching from a point unreachable, everything is illuminated, but something has changed, I feel, lo so, the pleasure of waiting is over.
So I close my eyes again, I now know where to go.

Deer – Before the concert
Deer – Imperia

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Texts and photographs: paola faravelli

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