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Deer – a season finale

Deer – a season finale

I have already brought so many times with me in this
an old fishing village;
perhaps because I consider it a magical country,
able to improve mood,
and give away indelible memories of happiness,
even on days like these.
vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_012I went to Cervo on a late afternoon in late September to find out,
senza nemmeno avvisare, a cold wind, how many months he no longer felt,
He was blowing autumn on my piece of this world.
vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_006The sun, surprised like me, improvised golden strokes on the facades of the old buildings,
bold blue, the sky behind them.
Perfect imitation of summer, able only to accentuate the lack.
vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_007Meanwhile swift clouds hid the colors, anticipating a promise of darkness soon enough maintained.
They close the windows, the lights.
– Put the bread on the table,

vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_009A lady whispers something to the man with the edge of his lips motionless in front of the panorama.
– She knows the weight of expectation? I want to scream.
But the silence is knocking at the doors, it would not be polite.
vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_001The last rays is fun to sneak among the highest branches of the palm trees, soon all this will disappear,
– I can not think of not seeing more,

vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_002What you see from the square Corallini is very simple to describe: heaven, sea ​​and steep roofs on the houses of stone.
In the distance the promontory of Capo Berta, beyond which, I like to imagine, there is nothing that the, eternal space, till the World ends.
vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_011I cling to my inside jacket too light, while time, that is about to end, slips gently towards the sea, how I'm wrong, I could I, in this silence to sleep.
Only until tomorrow, of course, and when I wake up the world may wonder, be another time in summer dress: White shirt, a straw hat and walking barefoot strictly.
vacanze_liguria_cervo_autunno_019But the wind is knocking on strangers doors to remind them that there is no return.
We can only then that deal with nothing, eternity will build our days to come, we still have a white shirt, a sincere heart and a brave soul, I am sure that will be enough, we will make them enough.
– because I just can not think of not seeing more,

Deer – a season finale
Deer (Imperia) – Liguria

Texts and photographs: paola (that can not think) faravelli


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