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Diano Castello – the right distance

Diano Castello – the right distance

To stroll up and down the staircases of Diano Castello, on a Sunday in late September that makes you think:
– that bad luck to come on holiday in August,
but silent, which can not be said,
– then gentlemen of the jury, non vagina conto.
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_017Diano Castello, per me, is the country in cup the hill, full of churches, but without a castle, which oversees Diano Marina from above.
If you look carefully, as you can see from anywhere in the valley, and it will always appear as far away from your time, a mirage, that once raised his eyes, It could perhaps disappear for the next hundred years, tangled with juicy olive branches or the convoluted branches of the vines that here certainly are not lacking.
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_001 SONY DSC
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_002I find on wikipedia that Castle has a long history, It born around the year one thousand as a place of defense from the incursions of the Saracens pirates.
In 1200, merit in battle, It was called even “the magnificent” by the Republic of Genoa.
And if the end of the decreed pirates somehow the end of the village, useless fortress, Castle remains undoubtedly the most noble of the valley countries.
the most obvious sign of that glorious past, are probably the seven churches that can be found strolling through these streets.
Among which, my favorite, are St. John the Baptist and St. Mary of the Assumption, both Romanesque, respectively the eleventh and the twelfth century.
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_009But the story of Diano Castello reads even better on the cobblestones consumed the narrow alleys that suddenly open up into the hills, the sides of buildings, chipped and majestic; or in the silence of my shadow, stretching or away, curious, forse, to look over.
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_013At the border of the country gentle signs invite me to walk among the vines, or among the olive trees, up and down the old mule tracks.
A pleasure for my soul I could push through the trails and ruffled the hillside streets, that lead me away, on another promontory, in front of a small church, un'altra, I love you so much: St. Mary of the Snow.
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_015Hence I do not go more:
– throw the keys, I beg you,
I say this to no one in particular; only the crickets, however, They have to answer your heart, remembering, Their essays, and at home must despite that one lathes,
– but without haste, mia cara, that we like the company, cry cry cry,
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_004Visto da qui, It seems as if it dips into the sea, ma io, I know the road, I know that the sea is not so close, although I could not define it away, at the right distance, We tell, one invented to protect themselves from the invasion of the Saracens, remember?
vacanze_liguria_diano_castello_018The right distance, one invented to save you from looting, from collapse, from certain doom:
– was all I had and now it's yours,
But who cares? Enough for me to sit still here, inside this transparent sky of early autumn, with the air scented with leaves, of sweet grapes and promises kept, with my shadow that overhangs the street, then turns, He looks at me and sits next to me laughing,
– I missed you,
– I missed you too,

Diano Castello – the right distance
(To arrange a guided tour in the village of Diano Castello, go on the site giroborgo)

Texts and photographs: paola (at the right distance) faravelli

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