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Diano Marina – there we see Rossi

Diano Marina – there we see Rossi

There are shops that with the passage of time become places.
It can also happen to make a date there, because it is much easier to remember that place, rather than the street name.
Not always you come to buy, and this is the most beautiful thing, because purchases are made in stores, places, instead, visiting.
vacanze_liguria_rossi_016One of these shops, that does not seem to me a store, is Rossi, Diano Marina; famous for its Christmas windows in mid-August, and for the immense amount of household items that can be found here logically by category and color gradient (as otherwise?).

vacanze_liguria_rossi_005In the paradise of the things that you had absolutely no intention of buying you will find everything: from umbrellas to soap dish, from colored lights to owls ceramic, cats rag paintings gleaming, and then chairs, furnishings, tablecloths, and even eyeglasses!

vacanze_liguria_rossi_023And turning to the shop certainly meet the owners, Marco, Silvia or their dad Desio, always busy arranging things, to make packages, and to advise the girl undecided or doubtful Mrs..

vacanze_liguria_rossi_007Rossi is the place that despite changing constantly as well not ever changed, because no matter if:
– but as the dogs are finished with long ears colored to be put in front of the window so as not to pass the air?!
There are certainly other dogs, or cats, and will be even more colorful and if possible even more beautiful.
vacanze_liguria_rossi_006Come dice Oscar Wilde: nothing is more essential the superfluous.
So be prepared, because even if you enter only look a little’, It will be a difficult task to try to get out of it without a fragrant package in his hands.
vacanze_liguria_rossi_012There are shops that with the passage of time become places.
And it may happen to linger in front of those windows:
– but I do not need nothing,
knowing that you just cross the door, to return home with a new color, maybe to settle on the windowsill of stay, right next to the old flowerpot, without flowers.
And with his right hand still on the mouth, intent to observe the effect it does, it will be impossible not to think:
– but as I could not live without?

Diano Marina – Rossi
Via Genova 3

Texts and photographs: paola (colorful) faravelli

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  1. Thank You! Thank you to those stores and with the passage of time are become places!
    But thanks to those places made people always there with a smile on our minds.
    It’ all true Rossi a store that is a pleasure to visit, because it is the service that the family knows how to exploit! And in a world where the gratitude not know where he is at home…
    I thank the Rossi family for their service attentive and colorful, I also thank the Faravelli that can enhance always the most beautiful views!!!
    Greetings agricultural,

    • paola says:

      Greetings farm are those who prefer! Do you anticipate that the next will come from where you are, so beware!

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