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Diano Marina – regattare and sweet to me in this sea

Diano Marina – regattare and sweet to me in this sea

Think you know every inch of your beach, then it happens that a weekend is to organize a major yacht race (Classe Laser, valid for the Italian Championship), and behold, everything is transformed.
Thus the “Your” beach becomes the base camp for three hundred (!!!) imbarcazioni, the sky fills the sails and the sea becomes land of race. E allora: may the best win!
vacanzeliguria_laser_044The days have proposed a banner of climate variability.
We've gone from macaja Friday (humid heat that becomes thick fog with zero wind), Sabato alla storm, up to the sun and strong winds Sunday, that (dulcis in fundo) ended with a mega shower!
I think they call it spring…
vacanzeliguria_laser_034The show within the show, for a country that this season is not densely populated, was the peaceful invasion of the guys in the race.
I liked watching them early in the morning, while fumbling on boats, the cleaned, hoisted the sail (further with the details because I can not go I do not know practically nothing about the sport), always smiling despite the fatigue.
vacanzeliguria_laser_039The race was organized from the sea club, sailing school in Diano Marina, which among other things offers introductory courses in this discipline and also individual lessons…
Having said that the weather in March did not allow all the tests were held, then from the point of view of purely sporting something was missing. But from the standpoint of my, it was perfect and fabulous!
vacanzeliguria_laser_026 And on Sunday afternoon, looking at the clean faces of the boys exhausted from the competition, as they ate a little’ where they would their pasta dish, I had the certainty that workouts, effort and discipline, were always rewarded by the experience of comparing and sharing, not only in moments of tender, but even in small things, such as travel in vans to get here, maybe uncomfortable sitting in the rear seats, telling stories until you fall asleep, that tomorrow will regatta.
vacanzeliguria_laser_005We were having fun all, even those who are not here first, because the important thing is to participate, and in any case, beauty of sport, is that even if someone were disappointed, there will soon be another opportunity to show off their skills and their merits:
And then, yes, finally see what they are made of!

Diano Marina – regattare and sweet to me in this sea
Diano Marina – Liguria

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texts and photographs: paola (gone with the wind) faravelli

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  1. Vorrei fare tantissimi complimenti a questi ragazzi; perchela passione che hanno nello svolgere questo sport li rende unici e invidiabili; lontani datentazioni inutili uniscono il sano sport agonistico nel completamento della loro esistenza;ancora tanti complimenti daparte mia…..riuscite a trasmetterlo anche a noi che vi guardiamo.

    • paola says:

      Grazie per aver scritto, la penso esattamente come te: sono favolosi questi ragazzi!

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