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Diano Marina Hotel Arcenciel yoga

Diano Marina Hotel Arcenciel yoga

A hotel bordering the sea, a sunset of July dress and a yoga class.
Can you think of anything more relaxing? A me no.
Follow that will tell the story.hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_011L’hotel Arcenciel is a hotel that the French would call them with that beautiful expression: walking in water, because it is so, with your feet in the sea.
It is located at the west end of Diano Marina, watch deer in the face.
And the gulf, visto da qui, It seems an exotic place, at least to me, who are accustomed to taking note of the center of the country.
hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_010This is where, at seven in the evening, over the weekly lesson that the hotel offers its customers, I met Deborah, whose patience zen was immediately put to the test by my request clothing mystical:
– But you do not have a white coat, that imagination is very ascetic?

– I'm not so, if that's what you okay, but asking for someone else.
And after a start like that relations could only improve, at least I hoped so I strongly.
hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_007And in fact we made friends on the rocks (type friendship). And I could go with my super questions I had not thought to prepare, then…
– how much you enjoy this discipline?
– from 2000. I had just moved to San Francisco, It was a time of change for me, He said looking at the sea, I started there and I have not stopped. Now she smiles.
Lit on the streets of San Francisco! Original, as a starting point.
– since then it's my way of life.
hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_003Because this is yoga, a way of life that touches a bit’ all the points of our existence. I'm not alone “stretching exercises”, but a way of being.
I inform about the technical details and find out that Deborah to become accredited teacher in the register of yoga alliance, the most famous organization of teachers and schools Yoga in the world, in addition to years of study staff, He participated in a training course, but it would be better to call it withdrawal, of two hundred hours, where he has lived the experience of living as a yogi.
hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_004– It is there that I faced for the first time with the vegetarian diet.
– From? discourse interests me because I remained well recently struck on the road to Diano Marina and I suddenly stopped eating things cha had eyes (cit.).
– it's not mandatory, for me it was a choice animal, energy and spiritual, as well as healthy.
hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_008– And if I should wish to practice yoga where I can find you? After sharing our side vegetarian, I feel I could even try yoga.
– Well, until late summer, Tuesdays are here, from five thirty to seven. Then in Imperia, look at the website of our association: the unseen world.

hotel_arcenciel_diano_marina_0131we say goodbye, I promise that I will write, maybe on Facebook, that strange to talk about social networks, we let ourselves agreeing that social are not so bad when used as a means and not an end.
Now it should sound a gong, perhaps that is within the rituals of another culture, I mix everything, They are ignorant, But I liked this sunset over the sea, the sound of water, the wind light and the sense of peace given by the feeling that there might be a right way to be, where everything is in balance, where the mind meets the soul through the physicality and where the food is not just food, but thought.
At least I do so I strongly felt.

Hotel Arcenciel (Diano Marina) e lo yoga
Hotel Arcenciel Liguria Diano Marina

Texts and photographs: paola yoga faravelli

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