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Diano Marina, the incompiuta

Diano Marina, the incompiuta

This road, when observed as road, disappoint.
The name by which we identify the local: “the incompiuta”, It is in itself a clear sign of his precarious state of existence.
Started but never finished, because of the unpredictable landslides of the hill inside which was excavated, This street has found in his own incompleteness its uniqueness.
vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_020Nell'incompiutezza and location, north that borders the unstable rocks of Capo Berta, while to the south it gives you space of eternal blue.
 vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_011The road was created to connect Diano Marina in Imperia, and, in the intentions of its creators, It would have to reduce traffic congestion curves Capo Berta. But it was never opened. Unofficially, at least.
vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_019Because even if not usable by machines, rather, exactly for this reason, He quickly became a favorite destination, and moral property, a diverse humanity who shared a love for the outdoors, the sea and the physical movement.
 vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_008Cyclists, that they avoid the climb (and chaos) Cape Berta, super performance runners in sealing technique, small families with children and dogs in tow dangling, Romantic Englishwomen perennially lost in thoughts never finished.
This road welcomes all, everyone feels welcomed.
vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_022It may happen that you do not see the end, or it is already arrived without that time moved a single step, because if the length is certain, uncertain is the state of mind of the runs. E Lei lo sa, at least I think so.
vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_023In winter, here we take off the jacket and sweater, a powder’ for movement, a powder’ because the sun bouncing off the rocks and the sea warms even in January, especially between one and three in the afternoon, when your friend is there with you by appointment to talk of life, only interrupted by the invasion of the mood of the sea and beauty:
– oooh, look, and cormorants!
Fortunate noi, we repeat every time without saying a word, that, that pure vivendo, we never get used to this show.
vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_030And so you forget the iron fence covered with a network that has seen better times and work in continuum for the safety and bumpy asphalt (asphalt? which asphalt?).
vacanzeliguria_imperia-incompiuta_034You'll forget it because for once the details are not important.
What matters is being able to chart the course of thoughts led by this road, which it is bordered to the north and south with the uncertainty with eternity, made beautiful by a miscalculation, made only from the eyes of those who have stopped believing that the reality is what you see,

Diano Marina – The unfinished
Diano Marina – Imperia

Texts and photographs: paola (from here to eternity) faravelli

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  1. farm says:

    in the cemetery of Porto Maurizio there are about twenty tombstones of Austrian prisoners of World War I died here. They were among those used to build this road between 1916 and the 1918.

    • paola says:

      Thanks for this information, I had not the slightest idea, you do not find a lot about the history Incompiuta.

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