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Diano Marina – the finest hour of the day

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Diano Marina – the finest hour of the day


In summer there are two moments of the day that I prefer:
in the morning, before everything becomes noise.
E is the, when the day's events
prepares to transform itself into memory.

This is the time when everything stops to make room for peace.

This is the time when the light is so extraordinary, that even he manages to look beautiful!

This is the time when the lifeguards comb the sand and put aside chairs and umbrellas, because tomorrow morning will be perfect again.

This is the hour, few minutes, where the rays of sun color the sky orange, giving us the last flashes of light, before everything is done at night.
And I do not know you…
…But I love those summer nights.

Even more, creed, of those other hours.
The work is over for today.
And no one can reach, Now.
nor ever,
Raymond Carver [the finest hour of the day]

the finest hour of the day
Liguria – Diano Marina

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texts and photographs: paola faravelli

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  1. maura says:

    How sad we have it just left and we already miss…. in a few months we will return nn look forward . Thanks Diano x beautiful summers that we do live, for your beautiful climate, for your sea, the sunsets, your sand, your people, thanks for everything…..<3

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