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Diano Marina – Tuesday: market!

Diano Marina – Tuesday: market!

On Tuesday in Diano Marina is market day!
Do not miss festival of colors, odors and flavors.
The market is renewed every week, but every week (incredibly) seems a bit’ different, especially in summer, when, accomplices tourists, between foreign languages ​​and accents of the north, you get the feeling you were back in some multi-ethnic metropolis.

Among the many stalls is impossible not to find something to buy. But the best part is choosing that piece unique, to take home to a figure you can just tick here: market.

If there is an order, is certainly not of the traditional type, but that's the beauty, wander between fruit, flowers, colored shoes and jewelery, listening to enticing proposals of hucksters who swear on the quality of each of their most insignificant item.

Festival of colors flavors and odors, the market, Diano Marina, you can find it every Tuesday in the Piazza Jacopo Virgil and Viale Kennedy.

Diano Marina – Tuesday: market!
Diano Marina (IM) – Liguria

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