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Diano Marina – before the rain

Diano Marina – before the rain

The fact is that we [those of Western Liguria]
we do not ever really
consider the possibility that it can rain.
Because it is known that the wind, le nuvole,
then push away, towards Genoa and beyond.
So there will be a gray sky to stop
if you had planned a walk in the hills!

My ideal for this kind of walking is:
1. a friend who does not care about mucky,
2. un cane [that even if you do not see there] who cares nothing mucky,
3. infangheranno shoes that if you do not care nothing,
4. a nice place to go [thing that is not lacking here].

We are definitely in autumn mode, surrounded by all shades of rust that can you imagine, with spikes of green, however dry, when the road crossed the olive trees.

There is an indefinite length of time before it starts to rain, when the air, suddenly heavy, senses are awakened and excited by the approach of change,
then stop breathing as religious in anticipation of the inevitable first drops,
that bouncing on the floor and read over our heads, will break the spell once again, bringing us back to the only possible direction, that the way home.
– ma eats, no wind to save?
But what good is the wind if you have a friend with the secret weapon!
It will not be smart to get off the mule tracks with pink umbrella, But it is definitely better than the alternative.

Autumn is more discreet in his utterances, so the smell of rain does not explode in a riot of perfumes as it happens in the summer, but politely blends with aromas of thyme, of fallen leaves, si mischia con l’erba, con l’aria bagnata, but in the meantime…
– you say? In your opinion, is quitting?

Both with his hand out from the little pink umbrella we look winking:
– has already finished
Because you know, never lasts too much rain we, because the wind blows away the clouds,
far to the east, leaving again there, as suspended,
waiting lathes that moment before the rain,
that as all that there is no more, inevitably we miss… at least a little '.


Diano Marina – before the rain
Liguria – Diano Marina

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texts and photographs: Paola drizzly Faravelli


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