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Diano Marina, breathing the sea

Diano Marina, breathing the sea

It's not that you can see in Diano Marina waves two meters high.
The most we can aspire, will be the disappearance of the beach, as in a magic show, or, then that is what I prefer and love, all'infrangersi sea against small jetties scattered along the coast.
Diano Marina stormStorm surges are phenomena that occur due to wind storm, that by blowing off, with will and persistence, creates a translation violent and sudden (source Treccani) for which the waves, they call, with a command of the language is not rejected, water masses, befall with some violence against the banks.
Diano Marina storm in FebruaryThat day arrives, and we gather there, with the heart divided between the certainty of the storm and the need to adapt, eager to identify the exact reason for this sudden awareness of the sea, who until recently was a board, memories?
Diano Marina the storm
Diano Marina, Winter storm
Then you can choose to stay at a safe distance, or groped the fate, filling the shoes of the sea, and the eyes of salt, approaching the unapproachable, fearless, that at worst you'll have something to tell.
Storm Diano MarinaAnd in front of the Pacific storm, that does not stop even for a second to shout his version of the story, you can indulge in the luxury of not thinking about anything, or to think of everything, at the same time, without the perimeters obliged the newspaper quiet life, only able to limit the scope of our desires, and because then?
– But not to suffer!
– It's too late now

Storm Diano MarinaThe salt is everywhere, between the fingers, in the ears, hair; I fill my mouth screaming a love song by imagining that it can get to where you are.
– It will be our secret
– Jura
– Cross my heart

storm Diano MarinaAnd if the sea is now a white expanse, the sky is colored shades of ice, without losing his gentle soul,
– allows me to,
– please
so the sun warms my face furrowed sea, and streaked with salt, perhaps because of a love song, or perhaps because once out, be within the perimeters of the daily obliged quiet life gets tough.
 vacanzeliguria_maraggiata_gennaio_00I decide to postpone everything until the first day of calm.
Meanwhile, intrepid grower hopes (it matters little vane), I enjoy the space never ended my memories, desires and chants shouted out loud in front of these waves, then I know, I will burn eyes of salt, but you want to put the satisfaction?

Diano Marina, breathing the sea
Diano Marina, in Liguria

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