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Diano Marina – U.F.O.? Not, kitesurfing!

Diano Marina – U.F.O.? Not, kitesurfing!

In the days of strong wind, here in Liguria you can meet these strange unidentified flying objects.
They look like a cross between a kite and a parachute, in fact called kitesurfing [kite kite means in English].
Kitesurfing is a sport that comes from Hawaii [and no wonder], but lately it is taking too much foot from our parts, rather, the mild climate all year long and windy periods in which we happen to stumble, are just perfect for this choreographic discipline outdoor.
Here are some pictures, who knows, maybe you will want to try!

Diano Marina – U.F.O.? Not, kitesurfing!
Diano Marina – Liguria

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Text and photos: paola faravelli

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