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Diano San Pietro - And among the hills I find a pub ...!

Diano San Pietro - And among the hills I find a pub ...!

You just have to lose in the hills above Diano San Pietro
to find this very special mill.
It was renovated over twenty years ago by an Englishman,
il signor Ring, who arrived here from England
to change life, deciding (with a good dose of recklessness)
import in the pretty village a typical product of British culture: il pub, which he opened in this beautiful mill, taking care to keep everything intact, even the name, that has only changed language, il pub infatti si chiama The Water Wheel!
If you would bring with eyes closed, you may also believe that in some small town in Devonshire.
The menu is written partly in English, is called rump steak and the chicken is chicken, that here it is not fried, but baked on a griddle, But you can find a wide range of food typical Italian, pizza and focaccia, rostelle (spiedini di carne di capra, the specialty of the house) and the inevitable chips, excuse me, chips.

Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, here with the beer you'll be spoiled for choice, plus you can taste the apple cider, that it is non-alcoholic ... so careful not to do like me!

But the most striking thing is the interior, a truth mulino, with a lot of blades, and full, but its full, of objects with a pub (and a mulino) would have little to do.
So a bicycle hanging from the ceiling of old photographs scattered in random order, close to thirty years of advertising, un trombone, a guitar and a skeleton, which appears only if you pull a rope ...!
I can not define the Waterwheel an elegant setting, but here it certainly will not be bored to look around.

Then do not wait for someone to come and take orders, because they are over the counter, and the drinks you've brought to the table! In addition, you pay in advance, perhaps to prevent someone darkened by the fumes of the alcohol risk of forgetting the one thing important for Adriano, or the account!
Ops, I had not even talked about Adriano ... And 'him the current owner, the one who pointed out by Mr. Ring. And in the last two decades have been just Adrian and his wife Michelle (the cook), to carry forward the pub. They come from South Africa, then have maintained the spirit of the local.
Adriano is in the mood to talk, so he tells me a little 'history of the mill, seems to have been built in the fifteen hundred, and that it was active until the end of World War II. In addition to being one of the largest mills in the area with three water wheels is also the only one to have remained intact.
The Waterwheel is a perfect example of "shuffling", the Anglo-Saxon culture meets Liguria and an old mill comes a fantastic pub!
Here, location and food blend together to create a mix of colors tastes odors that leave all'avventore the pleasant feeling of having discovered a unique place. And in a world where everything tends to homologate, uniqueness has become a valuable asset, to cuddle when you meet.
Just what we like to!

And among the hills I find a pub – Liguria
Diano San Pietro (IM) Via Trinità n. 6 - LiguriaThe Whater Wheel 

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