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Dolcedo – closer to the stars

Dolcedo – closer to the stars

And then comes May with the first warm days and the hours of light that stretch gently until evening giving you the impression that there is more time.
Especially on Sundays, never finished in the afternoons, perfect for a day out, maybe in a village that is also nice to get there by bike, because the road is flat, then you want to put that satisfaction?
Dolcedo The country of which I tell you is called Dolcedo, and it is located just inland of Imperia, to be precise, seven kilometers from Porto Maurizio.
It is a country not too small, but when you get, from the main road, do not you understand, because the inside is not visible, so I advise you to park and continue the adventure on foot.
vacation Liguria Dolcedo
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_006You'll find that the streets are few, and, almost all, They take a walk along the river, hopping to and fro along the ancient bridges.
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_033Wherever signs of a glorious past, partly due to the strategic location of Dolcedo along the Roman road and partly to the profitable cultivation of olive trees by the Benedictine monks (source wikipedia).
Dolcedo holiday in Liguria
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_028One way in particular I've always liked, It climbs for one kilometer, about, north, down the hill, to stop, almost suddenly, in front of a large open space uncultivated, which is the cloister to a deconsecrated church.
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_029Once arrived, the atmosphere will depend on your mood and the color of the sky, on a stormy day, you might even get a thrill, but on the first Sunday of May hot, this silence, partially broken by the sound of the river, It will be a welcome travel companion with whom to share the innermost thoughts.
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_026Have you ever noticed? The road back is getting shorter.
By country, open-door comes the smell of wood burning fireplaces that have burned up a few days before, Spring is so.
Seniors who meet greet me with a smile:
– Good evening,
things that never cease to please me.
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_034No wonder so many foreigners, Germans in particular, We have found, in the peace of Dolcedo, the right place to stop for the holidays, or something more, helping to turn the country into a melting pot of various cultures, where the official language is almost no.
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_015In one of the bars (and restaurants and pizzerias) the area a couple of French playing cards, on the table, cigarettes a glass of wine and chilli, the atmosphere is simple, pleasant as only countries, especially on Sunday afternoon.
Rimando's departure and I stop for a drink.
vacanzeliguiria_Dolcedo_021Now the shadows lengthen on the square, the sun is about to set, greeting types of bar (a Crodino 2 euro, so to speak) and I went home.
Step in front of a garden that I had not noticed before, hidden in the tall grass, a telescope is pointed toward the sky, I stop for a moment, I look better, then smile back on my feet, I do not know why, but I like to imagine that from here the stars are a little’ Closest.

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Imperia – Dolcedo
closer to the stars

Texts and photographs: paola (stellar) faravelli

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