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Imperia – the walk of lovers

Imperia – the walk of lovers

I am going to tell you that the walk Lovers, which it is located in a stretch of rugged coastline between Borgo Foce and Borgo Marina, in the city of Imperia.
I was curious to see it after reading the recent reopening followed the modernization.
vacanze_liguria_passeggiata_innamorati_009Which is why, from a Borgo Foce for me unreleased, since he also has enjoyed the interventions of a makeover so cool, mi son incamminata.
The walk seems the paperback version of that Nervi. And although devoid of the charm of the promenade Anita Garibaldi, you can not deny the beauty, typical Ligurian, guaranteed eternal love between the Mediterranean and the Sea.
I love that on certain days of the storm, I'm sure, It could take some satisfaction to the melancholic souls that happened to be here.
vacanze_liguria_passeggiata_innamorati_014But on days like this, blazing August, it is difficult to linger in romantic thoughts, It will be more comfortable, envy vacationers to soak, or those that, tired of the usual bed, Han decided to migrate to the west, with the inseparable umbrella in tow.
vacanze_liguria_passeggiata_innamorati_016here I come “on the other side”, say less than one kilometer walk, but now, instead of backtrack, I choose to go back along the Via Aurelia. After so perfect steel, I'll find my beloved blue railings, that certainly show signs of rust. Or so I hope.
vacanze_liguria_passeggiata_innamorati_013In a blaze of pittosporum and sea, ran into stairs down, giving the arm, inviting me to reunite with the way of lovers.
I leave groped and my reward is an alley (the caruggio) Borgo Foce, who had never seen, full of all those things I like so much to me.

vacanze_liguria_passeggiata_innamorati_007It will be my eyes need rusted railings in front of the stolen views, or that the balance recognize only imperfection, but nothing I thought it was more beautiful than the lady on the balcony overlooking dress flowers.
 Così, punctuating my gaze on the crumbling houses and bougainvillea wild, I meet the quiet of that time with the colors to decline in shades of rust and the sun will sell slowly on its way to the stars.
vacanze_liguria_passeggiata_innamorati_008From this place in front of the sea look at the world in August I lit and tell myself:
– I rimpiangerai,
ma no, I do not think; Summer is beautiful, but I would not live there,

Imperia – the walk of lovers
Imperia – Liguria

Texts and photographs: paola (malinconica) faravelli


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    Is walk Domenico Moriani.

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